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1. Calling Out Lyrics

Calling Out Lyrics

Lights go on in the small town Shining bright before the dawn Secrets held in every corner Cannot hide in the gleaming light Fighting for survival this time Darkness is crying out for peace The situa

2. Dancing Dogs Lyrics

Dancing Dogs Lyrics

Stand back and watch - order falls in place Left by the wasteside - misled in our haste Following leaders - but they should follow behind us Bearing the clout - casting more doubt Drowning in water to

3. Bridges of Grace Lyrics

Bridges of Grace Lyrics

Drifting down - descent without sound Shapes never alike - long beams of light Thoughtless greed - now I cannot see What brings life - kills tonight Metal sky - think before you fly Rocks flash throu

4. Token Pledge Lyrics

Token Pledge Lyrics

Back for the next ground Safe haven still not around No road lined with gold Someone else to carry the load Rebound like a boomerang All aboard the gravy train Lip service with no action Fan the flam

5. Analysis Paralysis Lyrics

Analysis Paralysis Lyrics

I can't make up my mind Or put this off forever Always counting on luck Keeps my mind in a rut I can't keep ignoring signals Bombarding me from every side I can run - but I can't hide All the facts

6. Tiles Lyrics

Tiles Lyrics

Streams of blood I wish I could But I can not turn back The beating of my heart is all I hear Know you never knew the hell I'm going to I cut myself again Going home To the tiles Dearest night I am

7. Hide In My Shadow Lyrics

Hide In My Shadow Lyrics

I feel a presence I catch you movement In the corner of my eye Keeping its distance Features hidden with passing time Exerting tension I still grate against the pull Keeping pace with me More than c

8. Landscrape Lyrics

Landscrape Lyrics

Standing there abandoned And in disrepair Stranded in a question Frozen in the air Left behind to find That there is no one left to care Unsuspecting unaware Skeletons awake to play Secret life in si

9. Capture the Flag Lyrics

Capture the Flag Lyrics

Toe to the chalk line - mark and set Birthright conformity - a safety net Lay down this bird held tight in hand Beg favor from a distant emerald land Chasing whims again... Features blur in a casual

10. Crowded Emptiness Lyrics

Crowded Emptiness Lyrics

I… shut out myself And the world You… ignore the past Say it won’t last Some mistakes will not erase Coloring all that I do and say Empty heart and crowded mind Won’t make it right I… hang

11. Markers Lyrics

Markers Lyrics

[PART ONE] I can’t see inside the present Staring down the road reflected in the sun More said than done I’m immersed in introspection Setting stones of speculation one by one Longing for somethi

12. Ambition Lyrics

Ambition Lyrics

It takes us far It can make us what we are A nagging voice Or conscious choice Driving you to excel It's what we heed Responding to personal need Through clouds of doubt Things we can't figure out In

13. Checkerboards Lyrics

Checkerboards Lyrics

The purpose has meaning But the meaning is we're bleeding Moving the checkers on the board Chasing our selfish benefit In the hallowed halls of avarice King us on the checkerboard Scattering checkers

14. Another's Hand Lyrics

Another's Hand Lyrics

Bullets split the air Sounds of destruction and despair Break the silence - sense the fear No place to run, no shouts to hear Creep through the silence Crouched on his knees Lurk in the corners Fault

15. Cactus Valley Lyrics

Cactus Valley Lyrics

A line of clouds forms in the sky A hazy heat builds slowly The sun appears beyond the point A barren stretch awakens Cracked but seamless to the horizon Idle landscape, no distractions Dust and 'we

16. Beneath the Surface Lyrics

Beneath the Surface Lyrics

Catching a sign beyond the window I cannot see into reality The things I'm told - they cannot be This world is not perfect Politicians voting for bureaucracy With no regard for you or me Who can sen

17. Patterns Lyrics

Patterns Lyrics

Take the chance to break away This doesn't happen every day The future's too unsure Take the time to check the tab Reality is not that bad Truth need to be exposed Sometimes it's easier To copy hist

18. Paintings Lyrics

Paintings Lyrics

Trapped inside this dark and narrow mind Far from the outside If I could stand beside myself And see what you see Left alone high upon a shelf Dust collects on things discarded I retreat while the wor

19. All She Knows Lyrics

All She Knows Lyrics

All she knows Is what she's told Is fact and fantasy Life in harmony She stands alone Shadow on the wall Gently lit her silhouette Reflecting tall She spins to look On my command The shutter clicks s

20. Tear-Water Tea Lyrics

Tear-Water Tea Lyrics

My heart whispers All that reason cannot hear Tear-water tea consoles me Melancholy, calm and still Contemplating things that seem to me unfair Flowers wilting in a vase Lines that crease a child's f