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1. Fuck The World Lyrics

Fuck The World Lyrics

(Hook) Fuck the world, Planet VI Middle fingers gone up to the goverment I hear them talking not making any sence We out here dying over dead president (Verse) Big bank take little bank they a

2. Show Me Love Lyrics

Show Me Love Lyrics

Remember rappin duke the hard the hard Whoever thought that hip hop would make it this far Rolling in the ghetto in and up my car Middle finger up it's going out to the law I'm talking hip hop, ya

3. Hip Hop Saved Me Lyrics

Hip Hop Saved Me Lyrics

(Verse) Adidas with no laces like Equivalent to Nas all I need is a mic Jigga bean and Scarface this can't be life Now that's exactly what Planet VI is like Uh ye see that's that music fear so h

4. Do You Lyrics

Do You Lyrics

(Verse) My nigga call me before I wrote this Sayin' I swear to God it's gets so hard When you're under 30 and you tryin' your best To avoid getting that day job And you got a degree in some bull

5. No Limit Lyrics

No Limit Lyrics

(Verse) Top that, just some banging Made enough of this money to quit complaining But still I ain't made enough of it to quit the gaming Hit the camin, cop the telly that's where the bitches hangi

6. American Nightmare Lyrics

American Nightmare Lyrics

You all niggas out there think that you're living the American dream Like niggas ain't struggling, wake to fuck up It's the american nightmare, let's go! I'm young, black and getting richer!

7. NWA (Niggas With Accents) Lyrics

NWA (Niggas With Accents) Lyrics

(Verse) Wait what the fuck I seen here Know why everybody bumps in Look them haters in them face Like tell me something My name barem from passing garden Please don't make them jumping Fresh ou

8. Family Tree Lyrics

Family Tree Lyrics

(Chorus) Bent or broken is the family tree. Bent or broken is the family tree. Each branch a part of a part of me. This is my tree, and it’s a big ol’ tree. Tree,tree,tree big ol' tree.

9. Trouble Lyrics

Trouble Lyrics

(Hook) You never did come around Mama said come inside right now She don't want be playing with the kids on the playground In trouble,trouble,trouble So much trouble,trouble,trouble Oh in troub

10. Lauryn Hill Lyrics

Lauryn Hill Lyrics

(Verse) I can't be trying to make it forever But it's hard looking forward to something better The lottery don't exist for those who lives in the ghetto So I'm working on getting my life together

11. American Gangsta Lyrics

American Gangsta Lyrics

(Hook) American Gangstas Gangstas gangstas American Gangstas Gangstas gangstas American Gangstas Gangstas gangstas American Gangstas Gangstas gangstas (Verse) My main man Niko went to Pue

12. People Know Me Lyrics

People Know Me Lyrics

(Intro) JRB The Producer Go x8 Yeah,hold up (Verse) Fresh off the boat with my J's Better not get my snickers wet I fly motherfuckers so tell me why would I need a jet Just a kid from the ho

13. There Will Be A Time Lyrics

There Will Be A Time Lyrics

(Hook) There will be a time,time,time,time,time When the world will be mine,mine,mine all mine But until that day I'ma be patiently waiting Until that time,time when the world will be mine (Ver

14. See Me Lyrics

See Me Lyrics

(Verse) They don’t wanna see me getting dough Riding bomb sitting low, In that Chris Rock something You ain’t never seen before Yey, with a bad chick, 5 6 pigeon so I’m winning and they

15. Born Bad Lyrics

Born Bad Lyrics

(Intro) Born bad x5 (Verse) Mary say no more drama,the world from our sweater they would hit you with a chopper All they want is money talk a little more common All we tryin' to do is take car

16. By Myself Lyrics

By Myself Lyrics

(Hook) First of all y'all don't know me I only run with couple of my homies 'Cause niggas in this game too phony So I'm usually 'bout my lonely chilling by my Self,self,self,self,self I hate fa

17. Fuck You Too Lyrics

Fuck You Too Lyrics

So much haters in the room They may claim that they like we We don’t know the truth (yeahh) (bullet) Them man praying that we lose See how all dem live to spite we We done hear the news (yeah)(

18. Crime Pays Lyrics

Crime Pays Lyrics

(Intro) When I was only 13 my mama told me money don't grow on trees 'Til I seen the stripper at onyx rate ones fall like leaves Confused the hell out of me (Hook) I don't know what they been b

19. So You Know Lyrics

So You Know Lyrics

(Verse) Rebel with a fucking car As a younging my pops told me the world is yours So I skipped college to live life Which was a better course Came from nothing is what I refused to settle for Ne

20. The Way It Goes Lyrics

The Way It Goes Lyrics

East Side ‘til I die ho, fuck you to my rivals Holy Bible, assault, rifle I'm high as hell like Micheal Jackson on propofol, Tylenol, howdy y'all? Hatin' niggas I'm ridin' off In A spaceship on gold