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1. Stand By Me Lyrics

Stand By Me Lyrics

Stand by me: Well I used to wake up in the morning with you near by me. And all was warm, you wrapped around me so hard, I was your "teddy beer". But I have noticed lately something cold by me, Ever

2. Have Mercy Lyrics

Have Mercy Lyrics

Have mercy, have mercy on me, do it if you please I had troubles and worries too, when I came back here Have mercy, you never needed me, stop messing around I'm like the lost shoes in your room, forgo

3. Son Lyrics

Son Lyrics

"You won't ever, forget this trip". Said as the ambulance, ran through the streets There's some many things about me, you wouldn't have forgiven I'll go and you'll stay, you're going to have to live i

4. Cold Lyrics

Cold Lyrics

It's freezing cold outside, well I don't want to waste my time. Come on in she said, there are better sights inside. What we said, is all there is to say, It all goes by so fast, nothing's really bui

5. The Rain Lyrics

The Rain Lyrics

She always loved to walk out in the rain, She was so glad she made you feel the same Every evening we used to talk and dance And laugh, and sing along the songs we made I don't know where you're are

6. The Reason Lyrics

The Reason Lyrics

Well I've been lying, when I talked to you What I told you out there, wasn't the truth Had reasons to worry I was losing you There's no use in crying, don't hurt yourself. Yes I've been crying befor

7. Where To Go Lyrics

Where To Go Lyrics

He came to me with a knife in the hand "Sit down on the floor, I'll make you understand" Time flew up, who knows what went wrong I bet you my friend: you'll come back when you're gone You knew what y

8. What Should I've Done Lyrics

What Should I've Done Lyrics

How did this come to me? Hard as a train crash She knocked on my front door; she seemed to be in a rush I had no escape, who could reject/deny the offer Sometimes there is no more to say, I really nee

9. Juice Lyrics

Juice Lyrics

I know I was better with you, better with you Well, that's the kind of things I lose Can't keep this one more day You know this road is just one way I don't mind if you're running away, babe, running

10. Rose Tree Lyrics

Rose Tree Lyrics

Well I woke up in that horrible red room, in that horrible town Men, they run in circles up and down to find the ruin where the rose tree blooms Attracted by the peculiar aroma, between addiction and

11. Tales Lyrics

Tales Lyrics

It's getting late for you too, you think as you undress You find no fun this time, it's kinda sad instead You walked upstairs on thoughts you found pointless before What you've done to your life, wha

12. Guardian Lyrics

Guardian Lyrics

You said you'd save our lives, our rules Said you'd walk along but there' no dirt in your shoes No dust in your nails nor sweat in your hands Always looking from the other side of the fence Hear us gr

13. Say My Name Lyrics

Say My Name Lyrics

She's the one and only girl, a pretty little thing, comes from God knows where. As soon as she was here, was the talk of the town, she would blow your head away She can't pronounce like you, not even

14. Black Sheep Lyrics

Black Sheep Lyrics

The black sheep looking for a fight rises up in the sky. Corsairs He get tired of awaiting for a regular flight Black sheep you're born for this, you can really shoot them down For old time's sake, b

15. Boogie Lyrics

Boogie Lyrics

I'm not the best to tell you what is good I'm not your number one, nor your number two And that's breaking it all, putting me down, burning my soul out How many more surprises can I expect? Should I c

16. Randall Lyrics

Randall Lyrics

Will you still be here in the morning, will you still be here at night? No one can know that Randall, you are going way too fast Just stop a think a bit now Randall, you got to take it slow Someone i

17. Fearless Woman Lyrics

Fearless Woman Lyrics

Restless woman, what goes on inside your head? Hoping nothing no one will go your way Fearless lady, what happened to your dreams? Watch out darling, you're going to make them be Don't you stop me,

18. Not My Kind Lyrics

Not My Kind Lyrics

I could treat you kind and find the way to make you smile Yes I could change my mind to pretend it all goes on fine but You are not my kind of woman, and I'm not your kind of man You make me laugh,

19. Magic Lyrics

Magic Lyrics

You had it all, settled down found a place where your kids could play could live safe and sound I'm too young, to be so fragile, so weak your long legs may run and run but we will have to face this

20. Vasos Vacios Lyrics

Vasos Vacios Lyrics

No sé bien que día es hoy Sólo sé que te vi salir Y en 5 minutos perdí Las letras para hablarte a vos Yo sé, yo sé que no tengo palabras Y nunca las voy a tener Por eso aprovecho