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1. Switch Lyrics

Switch Lyrics

What's the sense* If you keep on asking me "Where Are You?" Where's the change if you have to see to believe? "Who are you?" Long lived is the struggle to live on feelings The senses are the cancer th

2. I Need You Lyrics

I Need You Lyrics

As far as I can see, no one knows me like you do. And no one knows where the wind blows, where it comes and where it goes, but I just need you here. I need you. Anxious, I confess Break it down and I'

3. Illuminate Lyrics

Illuminate Lyrics

Illuminate Run away with me Let me show you everything, everything If you'll open your eyes for me, I will give you all of this foreign I'm now the one who takes every single chance to illuminate And

13. Technoche (Argentina) Lyrics

Technoche (Argentina) Lyrics

Heaven thundered And the world was born Life begins and ends In the dust You formed Faith commanded And the mountains moved Fear is losing ground To our hope in You Unstoppable God Let Your glory go