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1. Insomnia Lyrics

Insomnia Lyrics

Up and down up and down On the trampoline On and on and on Life is but a dream And I'm feeling like the early bird I never knew that there was such a word As insomnia You never sleep Planes to catch

2. This Is It Lyrics

This Is It Lyrics

When I woke up this morning It was a beautiful, beautiful morning There was: Fresh better melting on a waffle The sky so blue the clouds felt awful Beavers swimming around their hut and Someone was

3. Nine Lyrics

Nine Lyrics

You can run so fast when you're nine And no one can catch you when you're nine You were running by the lake And a sudden burst of speed With your favorite t-shirt on And then the air was clean And you

4. See You Again Lyrics

See You Again Lyrics

I really want to see you Yeah I really want to see you Yeah I really want to see you again. I’ve been waiting here for so long and it’s so cold I put on my long johns Don’t you make me wait too

5. Monsters Anonymous Lyrics

Monsters Anonymous Lyrics

Hello, and welcome, to the first general meeting of the MONSTERS ANONYMOUS Hello my name is T-Rex I think I’ve got a complex I always want to smash the duplex. Hello my name is Loch Ness I’ve be

6. The City Of Love Lyrics

The City Of Love Lyrics

I had that rotten feeling, that I was trapped, So far off of the map, that there is no map. In the city of hate, in the city of masks. Lost, in a daze, trying to find my way back. Then she held the l

7. Always Changing Lyrics

Always Changing Lyrics

Waiting at the red light, on the way to see my friend. Going to say goodbye, and pay my respects. Kneeling by my teachers side, and seeing her at rest. I made a promise to her, that I would do my best

8. Don't Shuffle Me Back Lyrics

Don't Shuffle Me Back Lyrics

Once upon a time everything was fine Now I feel like I’m at the back of the line Don’t shuffle me back to the bottom of the deck Hey where did you go? Was I too fast or slow? Am I just somebody t

9. Tell Me Tell Me Lyrics

Tell Me Tell Me Lyrics

Tell me tell me love, tell me how it feels How does it look? Tell me that it’s real. Do you feel alone, or out of place, or right at home way out in space? Tell me tell me love. When you write aga

10. She Waved Lyrics

She Waved Lyrics

She waved from the bus Beautiful and mysterious There is a box on the bus It does not belong to anyone She waved from the bus All my life will I feel distrust? In this world so dangerous Yet beauti

11. Grey Garden Lyrics

Grey Garden Lyrics

I live beside a dead garden, where I pass the time of day. Come sit and watch the clay harden, if you’re ever around this way. A tray with tea for two is waiting here for you, waiting here in Grey G

12. The House Of Invention Lyrics

The House Of Invention Lyrics

Here is a song about a painter you might know. He is The Copper Thunderbird Norval Morrisseau. He’s floating by high in the sky in a canoe. I hope you feel the colors’ healing spell on you. A man

13. Northland Train Lyrics

Northland Train Lyrics

I can hear the train I can hear the sound so far away Sounds like it belongs to yesterday We were on that train Riding through the fields to Amsterdam We were on that train Laughing in a fog of Chard

14. Invite Me In Lyrics

Invite Me In Lyrics

It's been a long time and I know That she's grown up Maybe now she'll get out Of that crazy house We were friends back then But she never invited me in We lived on a quiet street line with tall tree

15. Time Machine Lyrics

Time Machine Lyrics

Walking through the old school hall See the photos on the wall I could never really tell how to get A's straight But I believe in love at first sight and I just can't wait All I need All I need is a

16. Jocelyn Lyrics

Jocelyn Lyrics

Jocelyn, Jocelyn Do you remember way back when We met under a willow tree? And I liked you and you liked me You would share your dreams with me We'd laugh and sing and everything Jocelyn, Jocelyn Do

17. Born Human Lyrics

Born Human Lyrics

Under a canoe, sheltered from the hail We met six miles down the portage trail I met her mom, I met her pops They looked at me and licked their chops She's born human, raised by wolves Will she ever

18. Where Did You Go? Lyrics

Where Did You Go? Lyrics

Wake up in a new light I see you and hear you But I don't believe you To the green grass of the lawn Left us singing that old song You are going, going, gone You are gone And if I asked you to stay

19. Here Come The Chimebell Trains Lyrics

Here Come The Chimebell Trains Lyrics

All the way to shepherd and young We rode the subway every day But now a change is gonna come I'm gonna miss those days There was a billboard on the wall At my favorite stop The words in print were b

20. Ball Of Twine Lyrics

Ball Of Twine Lyrics

Wondering where things went wrong All this time and one sad song And not much else to show Waiting for the turning point Suddenly to learn It's the point of no return Study hard for a test Write the