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1. Lighthouse Lyrics

Lighthouse Lyrics

My love is deep as deep as the ocean Follow as I enter the sea I'm standing on the edge of the water I can see a light in my dreams It glows but I can't reach it I've always been blind anyway Darling

2. Feelings Lyrics

Feelings Lyrics

I'm taking every little thing you're saying You're making marks upon the wall And now we're repainting Fixing all the flaws created That won't work for me Keep chasing, Catch me if you can, I'm racin

3. 'Til Infinity Lyrics

'Til Infinity Lyrics

Once upon a time, it felt like Once again it breaks in front of me Someone should've told me it don't feel right Separating from the things that I believe Clock keeps ticking and I'm living it up I ca

4. Glow Lyrics

Glow Lyrics

How the flame on the beach It made me glow Whisper please, don't you leave As it slowly let go So low, then a silken song But the wind picked up speed It made me glow You made me glow You make me glow

5. Toys Lyrics

Toys Lyrics

I just wanna feel I just wanna feel There's a few things I should do Before I lay there next to you Feeling like that's all on me To love infinitely when You're suffocating me with your war of love T

6. Simmer Lyrics

Simmer Lyrics

Lost in time, the words have twisted around your tongue It seems alright, it feels just a little bit Keep in mind we can't afford to let each other Down again, it's been too long and I can't be late I

7. Infatuate Lyrics

Infatuate Lyrics

I really like it when you're shaking from the waist down Waitin' for that moment like you tell me not to stop now I hope you never see me being me, pretending I'm in love with you. I think I really l

14. No Wonder Lyrics

No Wonder Lyrics

I feel you're irritate, you're just an imitation, Pass me a cigarette, born of the conversation, You're over confident, with no appreciation, Dont make it easy for me, me ... Oh Wonder, No Wond

15. Worry (Iyes Remix) Lyrics

Worry (Iyes Remix) Lyrics

My nights are broken up By the sounds of women I'll never meet And when my eyes are closed I can start to feel They're staring at me The right side of my bed Has always left me feeling stuck in betwee

16. Heart on Fire (IYES Remix) Lyrics

Heart on Fire (IYES Remix) Lyrics

I really wanna make this happen, I really wanna take the fall From grace you can't imagine why I really wanna reap you off If only I'd have the courage If only I could commit I temper and I perch If o

17. Shower General Atmosphere Lyrics

Shower General Atmosphere Lyrics

am for real am for real girl iwant you to know that am for real am for real girl I want u to know that am for real oh baby when I look to your iyes I see monyekemo shai when I look into your iyes I s