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1. (3DE) Day 21 - Black God [Astraea Invade}

(3DE) Day 21 - Black God [Astraea Invade}

Title: Black God Genre: Nu-Metal/Thrash/Electronic Persona: Astraea Invade - A cyberpunk producer that specializes in the thrashing guitar rifts of heavy metal. He is known for his fear inducing chord progression. Description: So my body is dead...Gonna play catch up instead of giving up. Hope you enjoy and please start with day 1.

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2. Waves Of Ice

Waves Of Ice

In some other where and when, after this life, there is a New Eden, a gleaming citadel and paradise within the coldest and most desolate wastes of Antarctic landscape. And in those most selfless, empty and inhuman moments encased in walls of ice, impenetrable and massive, some individuals have been visited by a vision of the Snow Queen herself as bride, as love, as something not yet understood beyond its frozen and icy joy. From this mist of wintry shroud comes Astraea Invade’s cybergothic icewave hymn of love to the Ice Maiden called “Waves Of Ice”. And aside from being an expression of lovelorn wonderment captured within a dream of this New Eden, it also stands as A.I.’s official definition of what Icewave music is. For the proximity of this upload to Valentine's Day, A.I. poses you this question: Is it imperative to accept the real possibly that you may not meet them in this life once you accept the existence of soulmates? A Cybernetic Icewave Dirge for fans of YENDRI (especially "VR"), DUAL PROFORM, EVIL'S TOY, GARBAGE, ANDROID LUST, CHIASM, PARRALOX, MARILYN MANSON, KRAFTWERK, STIFF MINERS, IRON MAIDEN's "Strange World", TOUR DE FRANCE (Turkey), DIFFUZION, MARSHEAUX, TIAMAT, THE GATHERING, DEEP RED, TALLA 2XLC, LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA, GODHEADS, WYNYARDTAGE & Hans Christen Anersen's "The Snow Queen" and "The Ice Maiden"!

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3. Lady Of Sumer

Lady Of Sumer

ATMOSPHERIC BRUTAL MYSTICAL METALLIC BLACKWAVE INDUSTRIAL!!!! This crushing cybernetic atom smasher is a litany to the Ancient Mesopotamian Goddess of Death, Ereshkigal of Cutha. In the first known civilization of the fertile crescent area of Iraq known as Sumer was worshipped this Goddess of Irkalla in reference to the Chaotic forces of Existence and Nature. In keeping with Astraea Invade's propensity for Goddess worship and fixation with the more morbid aspects of the Afterlife, "Lady Of Sumer" stands as a work of art that is equal parts experimental sound design, theosophical treatise, reverential paean and just straight-up ass-stomping metallic industrial blackwave for the mosh pit! For feral shape shifter and Tzimisce maiden fans of FUNKER VOGT, SKINNY PUPPY, FLUX, PORTAL, BURZUM, COMBICHRIST, HALLOW'S EVE, HATEBREED, THE CRO-MAGS, POSSESSED, EMPEROR, NACHTMAHR, FGFC820, AMDUSCIA, DIE FORM, DUAL PROFORM, LILLITH, MEGAPTERA, IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES, X MARKS THE PEDWALK, MORDACIOUS, NAMANAX, RAISON D'ETRE, DESTRUCTION, DHG, DISEMBOWLMENT, IMMOLATION, INCANTATION, ACCEPT, WILLIAM GIBSON, DECODED FEEDBACK, KLAUS SCHULZE, CLUSTER, TANGERINE DREAM, KRAFTWERK, VONDUR, ABRUPTUM, DISSECTION, DE INFERNALI, DISSECTING TABLE, BESTIAL WARLUST, DEICIDE, BIRMINGHAM 6 and BLADE RUNNER!!!! LADY OF SUMER Unholy Dark Abyss Teeming with the Dead Devouring Sanctified Flesh of Those who were led Rank of blood and piss Swollen Temples of the Image Burn in Thy Abyss Ereshkigal Unleash the Faceless Gods Sink your fangs into Them all Lacerate the weak and false Ereshkigal Rape and kill the One White God Impale Them upon Their Cross Beloved torn, let Them watch Embrace me Sweet Nothingness Kiss me Asleep My one, My Heart Ereshkigal For more information please visit these pages and thank you kindly!

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4. She's My Baby And She's Going To Hell

She's My Baby And She's Going To Hell

WHISKEY MORBID PSYCHOBILLY HARD-LOVIN' DIRGE BY A MAN OF GOD FOR THAT GODLESS WOMAN - HIS BABYDOLL & HEART!!!!!!! A rollicking expression of love & exasperation for that dirty sweet angel who's home is in the heart of a God-fearing man unable to deny his soul's mate! The graphic design features the amazing fine art graphite talents of an eternal brother & blood from Houston, TX, Xavier Pena. Especially for fans of The Reverend Horton Heat, The Deadcats, The Memphis Murder Men, The Misfits, Rosetta Stone, Enemy Ships/ The Emergency, The Cult, Tesla, George Strait & The Sisters Of Mercy! < lyric vid: > SHE'S MY BABY AND SHE'S GOING TO HELL I miss you so much (Baby, you know I do) Well, she's my baby and she's going to Hell We come into a starless night like a midnight date with the knife Well, she's my lady, Spending time with lies we won't tell And she broke all of their hearts and then I broke their jaws Well, she's my baby and she's going to Hell She don't no good goddamn about no afterlife She thinks the Blessed Book's a pack of lies She knows just what to say She knows just how to purr When I taste her sweet kiss all I need is her Well, she's my lady, her good lovin's a Mystery of Hell She's got me missing all my vows and livin' like a king Her good love is my Origina Sin Please visit the following pages for more information, thank you kindly & God Bless!

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5. Oriental Seclusion

Oriental Seclusion

"Come on then, you bastards! Which one wishes to accompany me to the hellish pits of Set?" Lascivious & Venomous Gothic Darkwave discordantly recounting a morbid tale from feudal era Japan wherein deadly vanity & inhuman jealously shed the blood of flowers in bloom. Fall sorrowfully in the velvet coils of Apep and fix thy gaze upon the Empress who pulled all the wings off the butterflies. Ambient & Morbid Gothic Rock especially for fans of Clan Of Xymox, The March Violets, The Sisters Of Mercy, The Wake, Rosetta Stone, This Ascension, Lycia, Type O Negative, Sentenced, Mephisto Walz, The Shroud, Brotherhood Of Pagans, Paralysed Age, Seraphim Shock & The Prophetess! ORIENTAL SECLUSION Oriental seclusion, lay your Grace down before me And raise the sun with your Majestic Glory High It heals them well You heal it well A Mystery Of Hell Die for you drown in your Kiss Touched by the Poison Fang Caress Die for you drown in your Kiss Embrace the Poison Fangs of Set See her pull the wings off butterflies Too many they will get in the way Where is the Goddess who promised you Another Place far away from Here And I know what you don’t know now And I say what you won’t say now And I do what you won’t do now And I am what you won’t be now Secluded well Seclude you well They won’t tell Here in Hell Die for you drown in your kiss Embrace the Poison Fang Caress Die for you drown in your kiss Touched by the Poison Fangs of Set 18 years ‘til you come on over 52 faces to burn away 18 years for you come on over 52 faces to beat away Oriental seclusion, lay your grace down before me Thank you kindly & please visit the following pages when ya get a sec! god bless

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6. The Thing In The Moonlight

The Thing In The Moonlight

EXTREMELY COLD AND VIOLENTLY AGGRESSIVE BLACKWAVE CYBERCRUELTY FOR THE FUCKING MOSH PIT FROM NATIVE AMERICA OKLAHOMA'S ASTRAEA INVADE!!!!!!! Based on the short story fragment by H.P. Lovecraft is this definition of what Blackwave is and should always be. Black Metal, Cybergoth & Industrial. This is unabashed and vulgar Skinny Puppy worship that is dedicated to all feral shape shifters who don't give a fuck when the pit starts and just slams and all the Tzimisce maidens & seekers of forbidden knowledge who have seen The Thing In The Moonlight and did not choose fear. For fans of DODHEIMSGARD, TOUR DE FRANCE (Turkey), SKINNY PUPPY, FUNKER VOGT, CRO-MAGS, SUFFOCATION, MINISTRY, BURZUM, VONDUR, HALLOW'S EVE, OPHTHALAMIA, DISSECTION, ABOMINATOR, AMDUSCIA, IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES, NAMANAX, MEGEPTERA, PARRALOX, RAN (Turkey), YENDRI, CHIASM, ATRAX MORGUE, DECODED FEEDBACK, SUICIDE COMMANDO, X-MARKS THE PEDWALK, POSSESSED, DESTRUCTION, SODOM, SLAYER, ANDROID LUST, DESTROYER 666, AGNOSTIC FRONT & H.P. LOVECRAFT!!!!!!!!! The Thing In The Moonlight IAK SAKKAK, TSAT-THOGGAH YOG SOTHOT, NYARLYTHOTEP Reeds sank in black mulch and rotting things A fearful sun ducked behind grey obsolescence Cold stone clawed by loss of sentience crests Torn through inside as the like corpse of L’eng Swallowed into shadows to ascend Emptying my soul, this can’t be how it ends Broken and ruined spilling from its mouth As it speeds me up through to surmount A desolation of infected soil spooling A suffocating void of night for me is drooling Lifelessness builds in oppression Unhinged and gibbering obtenebration The Thing In The Moonlight knows my Christian Name Decrepitude of rusted tracks abate Eldritch blasted heath strewn with hanging cords A streetcar marked by a presence stood agape A cling to life drew me to climb aboard ISHNIGGARAB NYARLYTHOTEP Two of Them stood in human form Luminescent glow from the backward moonlight Scent of damned flesh erupts in blinding roar It dropped on all fours with me in its sight What should have been its faced was a tapered cone A geometric blasphemy that froze the spirit Bolting into madness and fear, space is strewn Suspended in this parsec of nightmare glitch The Thing In The Moonlight knows my Christian Name (paraphrased version of the short story fragment by H.P. Lovecraft)

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7. You Were Told

You Were Told

UNPROVOKED VIOLENT ATTACK FROM THE HELLFIRE PROPAGANDA UNIT OF THE CHURCH MILITANT - Violent Metallic Industrial Catholicism/ Necro Cyber Death Industrial Blackwave YOU WERE TOLD Its burning me! Its bleeding! Stop! Its not my fault! I cannot breathe! I cannot breathe! I’m sorry please! It does not stop! Its burning me! Dismemberment, raping whores, child molesters fist them sore Vanity in dripping shreds, Here in Hell there is no dead Fear not those who strike the flesh for they cannot touch the soul Only He whose Love you sell can burn your flesh and soul in Hell Burning flesh in dripping shreds, Eviscerate and blasphemy Torn apart and flayed alive, Eternally, You never die

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8. Ereshkigal


BESTIAL DEVASTATION - BLACK/THRASH METAL DEATHSTRIKE!!!!!!!!! A Violent & Ripping Thrash Metal Hymn Of Eternal & Perfect Love For The Goddess Of Death ERESHKIGAL! Based on when a physical training run occurs at night and a certain constellation is fixated upon during the intensity & rigor and The Goddess Of The Underworld is brought to the fore. Mosh pit, head banging malevolence especially for fans of DESTRUCTION, SODOM, MEGADETH, SLAYER, REVENANT, MARDUK, VONDUR, KREATOR, CANNIBAL CORPSE & BURZUM! Lyric Vid: ERESHKIGAL In the night beneath Your gaze I touch infinity beyond this flesh Glittering eyes set my heart ablaze Charging straight into the voids of death Higher Orders beckon me to You I do not question quantum entanglement Chaos quickens near in twilight truth Unto lifeless eons for my bride I ascend Never Stand Against My Queen Ereshkigal She sees in strange designs Sentience beyond perception Through Hell our waves entwine Higher Orders a bent reflection Because of my devotion to you I know the Space between Spirit & Flesh in reality Because of my love for you I reach up unto the Void of Night Soulmate Eternity Never Stand Against My Queen Ereshkigal Marked by eternities not of this scale of time A horror dear to me calls me home Approaching continuity in a void of night Here with You I am never alone To be complete with my Bride of the Night Voids I will love you always and you know that this is right I do I do I do I love you Ereshkigal Thank you kindly & may God bless you in soulmate love in this life!

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9. Seeress Of The Black Flame

Seeress Of The Black Flame

RIPPING, VIOLENT & BRUTAL BLACKENED THRASH METAL IN THE NAME OF HELL FROM A CATHOLIC BAND!!!! In conjunction with North Central Positronics Ltd., Astraea Invade Waveform Laboratories has issued the following audio record concerning the misuse and undisciplined handling of the Powers & Mysteries of Hell. Chronicling the event in which a person born to work medicine or unseen forces puts the Will of Hell before her own and becomes as like the Most Reverend NAMTAR or the Mad Arab Abdul Al-Hazred himself! But even those born to Higher Order Mysticism pay the price of being supernatural or causing events which are not lawful. Mosh pittin', stag divin', head bangin', ass kickin', angel rippin', mad butcherin' thrash metal in the name of SODOM, DESTRUCTION, POSSESSED, (old) SLAYER, DISSECTION, EMPEROR, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DARKTHRONE, BURZUM, DEICIDE and HOWARD PHILLIPS LOVECRAFT!!!!!! He SEES you... SEERESS OF THE BLACK FLAME Interpretations of The Abyss Commune with me the burning horror Blackened poet of bleak desolation Reverend Mother, Hell’s beauteous whore Beckon temptress of the Burning Shadows Heed of pleasure, speak of lurid prophecy Occultist queen of the Highest Order Join me in the numbing flames See (Heed) Feel (Be) Seeress Of The Black Flame Vampiric soul flying through the Nighttime Void All the Shoggoth rise in choir The nameless whipping now deafens Hear her siren song of Abomination They see you… Fortunes told from inhuman whispers Blessed by the ancient mumbling Night Familiar sing her Christian Name Please her, by her, all the same Vampiric spirit singing in the Nighttime Void What would be voices rise in choir The nameless whipping now devours Hear her sing The Burning just for you

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10. Beat And Raped Again In Hell

Beat And Raped Again In Hell

UNPROVOKED VIOLENT ATTACK BY THE HELLFIRE PROPAGANDA UNIT OF THE CHURCH MILITANT!!!!!! Astraea Invade unleashes its hateful and venomous evangelical statement against society in this extremely Violent and Hateful Industrial Metal War Anthem! Written during my almost 4 years working security in strip clubs, this is what I learned about human nature. Just so, while a lot of A.I.'s stuff is heavy on the Hellfire proselytizing (which I don't mind one bit), it must be made known that I am hoping to make up for my own shortcomings and betrayals of the Holy Mother Church by making art like this. Rather than heaping damnation and blame on others. For fans of Combichrist, Namanax, Skinny Puppy, Megaptera, Lords Of Acid, Black Flag, The Exploited, The Cro-Mags, Birmingham 6 & In Slaughter Natives! BEAT AND RAPED AGAIN IN HELL Overweight fat sack of wine, Overpaid and faithless slime The undertow, She's underage, A soul to burn, A child's rage Fathering neglected wives, She's going to cum, No time to cry A lousy drunk and sloppy sex, She fucked your dad and you wonder why Why complain, There's nothing wrong, Why refrain, It won't take long Enzyte fed, Too weak to breed, He'll get it up for faggotry The son will pay, the neighbors say, Undersexed, her welfare's late Daddy's home and mommy's wide, Another day to pay the price Pick a fight and yellow out, What saving face is all about 12 step fall to the liquor bar, Back of the car, morning ER Learning parenting on your back, Abandon kids and back on crack Coming home to scream and yell, Beat and raped again in Hell Almost human valium binge, Beaten wives forget to cringe Victimized and cannonized, His hero's drunk and telling lies Children ask why must it die, Left alone and brutalized Immortal soulmate them to sell, Beat and raped again in Hell Beat and raped in this life, Scarred up, bruised and hardened well When you are after you die beat and raped again in Hell Beat and raped again in Hell Why don't you fucking care? Scared to fight so racial slur, Raise the girls to please and serve Pious lyinig sack of shit, Father-beaten, shaved and fit Mother spoilt weakling sot, She gave her heart to be left to rot When feelings hurt you cannot tell, Beat and raped again in Hell Posture for and punk out fans, Wet his pants and now shaking hands Son-in-laws and broke-in homes, She's gothic with no place to roam Casual sex fulfilling life, Pack up dreams before they die Tart it up, Ignore the smell, Beat and raped again in Hell Sullen eyes, Abortion scarred, Its greasy when we've gone too far She liked it then when it was fun, She'll pity you when you are done The bugs will crawl, Its wet with hair, The puss will stain green when they stare Love in vain, Except to sell, Beat and raped again in Hell Jealous, barren and keeping score, Hands-on training of a whore Contemplating suicide, Open wide and you may confide Cry more than they think is right, Blubbering, sickening sight Cake in on they'll never tell, Beat and raped again in Hell Sunday morning porno splurge, Wife's at church, resisit the urge Drop-out junkie spurned and raped, All the hearts she'll never break Stripping escort 2 year course, First love cuddled, kissed and forced Selfish, empty, heartbroke shell, Beat and raped again in Hell Beat and raped in this life, Scarred up, bruised and hardened well When you are after you die beat and raped again in Hell Beat and raped again in Hell Why don't you fucking care? Into the eyes of betrayal look, She doesn't recall how long it took Bossed around to make it fair, Badass even if no one cares Dump kids on the cheated man, That they're not his he cannot stand She'll eat and assfuck cock until, She' beat and raped again in Hell Drug your wife and beat your son, Pimp your daughter, Old man's fun Cashing drunk the child support, Cranked out forgot to abort Gay incest apology, Your soul is lost why can't you see Predestined to burn in Hell, Beat and raped again in Hell

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11. Silvered Eyes

Silvered Eyes

✝ ☣ ☣ ☣ ☦ DARK ELECTRO INDUSTRIAL DESOLATION ☦ ☣ ☣ ☣ ✝ Especially for fans of ANDROID LUST, CHIASM, SKINNY PUPPY, YENDRI, FUNKER VOGT, DIE FORM, EVIL'S TOY, WYNARDTAGE, ANNE SAVAGE, FGFC820 & RAISON D'ETRE!!!!!!! ☢ (lyric vid: ) "I wish you water to weep." - Watcher Of The Dead by J.V. Jones SILVERED EYES I wring my hands & empty my stare Glaze over each misperception, a sticky film I blink them away when I don’t care Angels paid for my rejection, pray for them I ‘ll forget you before you forget me since I learned how I’ll settle for you before you settle for me because I know now I’ll forgive you before you forgive me, I’ve taken my vow I’ll fuck you before you fuck me before I blank black out Another shot has frozen where it used to count Layer upon layer, a crystal prison, I call home Frozen crystal (crystallize) Silver ice (deny) Silvered eyes here in Hell How long did convictions wear? I wish so much that it stayed fun for you Salvation slivered, diseased with fear I hope today you will smile through truth I don’t recall an honest laugh Do you remember telling lies? I still see the joy you’ll have Do forget to live this life How much would it mean if I imagine What would it be worth to hope for you When you start to heal and are forgiven I will believe in dreams that come true (Even if I never see you again) -for Ava- Please visit these pages for more info: ☣ ☦ God Bless & Thank You Kindly ☦ ☣

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12. Sine Wave Girl

Sine Wave Girl

☣ ☣ ☣ ☣ ☣ LASCIVIOUS & DEADLY ☣ ☣ ☣ ☣ ☣ ☣ ☣ ☣ ☣ CYBER INDUSTRIAL METAL ☣ ☣ ☣ ☣ ☣ ☣ ☣ ☣ ☣ ☣SUCCUBUS ANTHEM☣ ☣ ☣ ☣ ☣ ☣ Cybernetic Industrial Metal about a Vampiress riding the Wave of The Beast that Hungers Viciously! The hormone squirts & particle shifting at a mystically mathematical level that spans other dimensions into the Void where there is the most terrible gnashing of teeth & fangs. A beauty envied by Goddesses, cherished & adored, coalesces into something Bestial & Fatal. Vamp It! Lyric Vid: For fans of Type O Negative, The Sisters Of Mercy, Android Lust, Evil's Toy, Outhud, White Zombie, Tricky, Rammstein, Shazna, Mirage, The Misfits, Seraphim Shock, Reverend Horton Heat, The Deadcats, Memphis Murder Men & The New York Dolls! SINE WAVE GIRL The dolls come awake at night As I sleep, they walk upright And speak to the shadows by their names Because they know it would never had been the same You gotta burn to learn to earn it You better bleed it out forlorn You’re gonna yearn and spurn to churn it Baby let the flesh guide you You better make it worth it You know I seen the mourning promise me I should have hid my soul now The statues breathe the air at night Gonna send my soul away to find you Gonna throw my soul in the air to reach you Breathe me in a greying day, Feel me in a darkened place I see the morning come too soon You gotta burn to earn it You better burn and yearn to learn it Sine wave reflection lost She’s my baby and she’s going to Hell After dark I feel it awake Step outside to glimpse a cruel, bleating moon Into the twisted trees I take my flight You better burn it baby Don’t weep it in the breeze Like a lost reflection The statues breathe the air at night Please visit the following pages for more information, thank you kindly & God Bless! ☣ ☣ ☣ Keep It Dead Black! ☣ ☣ ☣

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13. Jailfight


KICKSTART THE JAILFIGHT!!!!!! Astraea Invade's Blackwave Throwdown "Jailfight" chronicles the war zone that is the State Department Of Corrections & County Jail. In general population lockup every day is full of edges and uncomfortable; ready to erupt in violence for no good reason. One minute you're cherishing a deep breath away from stuff & the next your blood is boiling & churning for someone trying to get in your way. Peace & Justice truly are concepts that wouldn't exist without their counterparts of war & injustice. Especially, when those moments to catch your breath and remember to be human are hard fought for & hard won (needlessly). Take no shit! BRUTAL & VIOLENT BLACKWAVE FOR FANS OF AGNOSTIC FRONT, SKINNY PUPPY, THE CRO-MAGS, ATARI TEENAGE RIOT, G.B.H., D.R.I., FUNKER VOGT, THE EXPLOITED, POSSESSED, WHITEHOUSE, NAILBOMB, VONDUR, BATTALION OF SAINTS, EMPEROR & DISSECTING TABLE!!!!!! JAILFIGHT My time is your time you fuck My smell is your smell you fuck My sound is your sound you fuck We're doing my time you fuck I don't play that shit punk I don't hear that shit punk I don't see that shit punk I don't take no shit punk Greasy stares for scent of fear Backed down from their keep No one near to never hear The keening of the weak Never learn of swinging first Hang on any smile Hanger-ons for any wrong Humanity denial Not today you motherfucker Not in here you motherfucker Not your say you motherfucker Not your day you motherfuck Rot away another day Another face to smash Building up, burning corrupt What straw is the last I cannot stand this silence now My mind won't be in peace Aware of every loss somehow Change I'll never see Case worker won't give a shit Flashlight cops won't give a fuck Governor won't give a shit Doing what's right won't give a fuck

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14. Phenobarbital Fuck Session

Phenobarbital Fuck Session

A DARK ELECTRO/ HOUSE Dirge about the suicide cult, Marshall Applewhite's Heaven's Gate, who committed mass suicide during the Hale-Bopp Comet using a phenobarbital mix. A sad & menacing Electro-Industrial Eulogy! Lyrics: PHENOBARBITAL FUCK SESSION This shell expired, this world denies you Flesh beyond necessity, sectors await A world to deny your flesh Higher levels open for you Fallen angels abound to weep sodomy Ruined records of man’s relationship with God A spadeful of Earth to smother glistening fetus tears To Dreams Of Hell For All Time To Dreams Of Hell For All Time Diseased at the core forcing degradation Dripping maws slavering cosmologies Salvaged from a nightmare with iniquities Phenobarbital Fuck Session

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15. Kharmanic Retribution/ Beauty And Pleasure (Live In Naraka)

Kharmanic Retribution/ Beauty And Pleasure (Live In Naraka)


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16. Crushed By Absolution

Crushed By Absolution

!!!!!!!!!!! INDUSTRIAL BLACKWAVE BEATDOWN !!!!!!!!!!! From the Hellfire Propaganda Unit of the Southwest Positronics Sound Design Lab comes ASTRAEA INVADE's extremely aggressive & sadistically vicious Industrial Blackwave Deathstrike "Crushed By Absolution". A.I. observes a mystical approach to violence. Keep it dead black! ☢ CRUSHED BY ABSOLUTION Honesty with yourself you better fucking learn to do Or someone will cut the shit with the balls to do it for you You fucking liar There is no honour to take advantage of those weaker than you Cowed to fake and jack off impotence no one will use Run your mouth and talking shit as if you’d throw a fist When its time to go you stink of fear, kiss ass and suck a dick Evil in service of good to end all selfish rape Let our God sort it all out and purify the fake You sorry fuck I cannot stand you fool No one needs you here I hope I’ll be the one to have you suffer Abandonment creates a whore, crushed by absolution Sloth eats a culture dead, crushed by absolution Greed sodomized a wife, crushed by absolution Piss rots a family’s blood, crushed by absolution

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18. Here To Stay

Here To Stay

Synthpop New Wave Electroclash Cover of NEW ORDER's "Here To Stay"! A just-for-fun tribute to an important influence of a track thats often used by the sentient biological behind Astraea Invade for vocal practice. There was a vague idea to approach this with the sound design concepts derived from MARSHEAUX, PARRALOX & LADYTRON, but then, those awesome artists are based on NEW ORDER themselves. Can one imagine anything more wonderful? And don't forget, the mp3 download is free as a mug and there a simple youtube clip here:

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19. Storm Is Coming

Storm Is Coming

NATIVE AMERICAN WAR METAL!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE KIOWA!!!!! WAR IS OUR MOTHER, VIOLENCE IS OUR FATHER AND PEACE IS BUT A THORN IN OUR SIDE!!!!!!! A HARD LIFE LONG LIVED IS OUR ONLY REWARD AND DEATH IS OUR CONSTANT COMPANION!!!! WE WILL BE FIGHTING UNTIL THE DAY THE ANGEL ASCENDS THE BOTTOMLESS PIT AND SMASHES THE EARTH TO OBLIVION!!!! PURE CONAN MUSIC TO POWER LIFT AND BEAT PEOPLE UP TO!!!!! Crushing Blackened & Melodic Doom Metal from your favorite Catholic Native American band - ASTRAEA INVADE!!!!! The lyrics were written in the late 20th Century pre-Christian times so seeing as AI never shirks blame, this song is produced with every intent unaltered even though racism is unacceptable in any form. At any rate, this song specifically addresses the Native American Tribes I am descendant from: THE KIOWA TRIBE - THE COMANCHE TRIBE - THE SEMINOLE TRIBE - THE CREEK TRIBE. Pure OPHTHALAMIA worship for fans of OPHTHALAMIA, IRON MAIDEN,BURZUM, HALLOW'S EVE, N SCOTT MAMODAY'S "Way To Rainy Mountain" & J.V. JONES Sword Of Shadows Trilogy! STORM IS COMING Premonitions of the Other Side Brief glimpses into the Spirit World Aspirations to achieve genocide Smash to Nothing this Black & White World Behold the lone mount overlooking the vast plainlands Lose all sense of self this is where Creation began Born to This Dominion and an Undefeated Tribe of the Southland Suddenly I remember, it was called Survival, that was how They survived Kiowa Nation Remember! Comanche Nation Remember! Seminole Nation Remember! Creek Nation Remember! War is coming Glorious Plainlands He was sent to punish the non-believing, faithless scum The First Immaculate Revelation of all mankind Yehovah Jesu is summoned to façade Self Interest Logic and Reason mask Vindiction, Emotional Structure lost Learn cruelty, They owe you nothing Learn apathy, You owe yours something They will cower like feeble children Fuck them, Smash them, Let them all watch Glorious Plainlands The Storm is coming Deny your masters, Be one of Us The Storm is coming

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20. A Sodomy Of Tears

A Sodomy Of Tears

☣ Menacing & Icy Dark Psy Electro ☣ "Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?" - Psalm 56:8 For fans of DUAL PROFORM, RABID LASSIE, ROUGEMARINE, CHIASM, ANDROID LUST, SKINNY PUPPY, YENDRI, EVIL'S TOY, HOCICO, ASPHYXIA, LILLITH & DIE FORM! Lyric Vid: A SODOMY OF TEARS I cut scabs off my flesh to see if they will live Oozing sores weeping lies that God could not forgive Penitence bereft of tears empty angel’s vials Drying rot spits and shits disgust as cracked lips smile Sodomize humanity with carrion of raped dreams In the throat of hope deferred choke impure semen screams Sorrows caught, lifted high to secure my joy defile Infecting hosts of Heaven touch with blister’s vomit bile Cry Humanity, I’m holding down and raping half blacked out -fuck this- Eternities of my bride’s laugh rot decay atrophies Promises that I forsake dismembers all but weak Sacrosanct images my heart defecates whole Orgasm dreams in my piss that I will never know Learning how to give life to fates that have to die Whoring love ten seconds deep in cum pool marriage lies Writing letters in my piss shit to my killer she hides All the pain that we sowed that we cannot confide Remember, take care of yourselves and each other. God Bless Thee All! @astraeainvade

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